Outsourced Emergency Billing Process

outsourced ambulance emergency billing services claims processing process

When billing information is received at our facility, it is entered into our system on a timely basis. All invoices are then sent to the appropriate payer. We will contact the patient directly as necessary to obtain correct insurance information.

We process claims electronically on a daily basis to insurance carriers. Medicare and most other insurance companies give "expedited status" to electronic claims, which in turn are paid faster than claims submitted on paper. Electronic billing, knowledge of current rules and regulations and experienced staffing minimizes the error rate on claims, shortens the turnaround time for payments, and creates a more profitable environment for the EMS department.

We follow all claims, billing supplemental insurance companies or patients after primary payments have been received. We research and work with insurance companies to resolve issues relating to denials in order to secure timely payment on accounts. We offer time pay plans as well as pay by phone options to patients.

As payments are received they are deposited directly into your bank account and posted to patient accounts on a daily basis. You will receive an itemized listing of the deposits made into your account.

We maintain all records relating to your calls including patient signatures, conversations with patients and/or insurance companies, assignment of benefits and payment information.

We don't just tell you we do this, we put it in our contract.

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