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911 Billing's Financial Reports

911 Billing Financial ReportsDetailed accounts receivable and financial management reports are vital to the existence and growth of any ambulance service. We will provide you with reports designed to monitor charges submitted, revenue collected and your aged account receivable. Reports can be customized to provide you with specific information you may need. Monthly and yearly reports offer an overview of revenues generated and adjustments taken. Such reports prove invaluable in budgeting for the next year.

We can also provide you with quality assurance reports such as code analysis, crew analysis, response time analysis and protocol exceptions.  Would you like to know the average time it takes your crews to go enroute after they have been dispatched on Emergent calls?  Do you know what you are collecting of your net revenue as well as gross revenue?  Would you like to know  how many doses of a particular medication was given a year ago versus the past month?  or year to date?  Would you like to have a list of procedures or medications each employee has admimistered?  We can tell you.

We will take time to find out what type of reports, skills, or situations you need to report on before your company database is set-up.  Then when you need to know the information will be there to report on. 

We can include any report available in your monthly electronic reports or whenever you need them.

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