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911 Billing's Complete Account Management

911 Billing Complete Account ManagementThe billing of an account covers more than just entering a run into the billing software and billing it one time to an insurance company.

Complete management of your accounts includes:

1. Training EMTs and Paramedics good documentation skills,  explain what type of current patient conditions should they document, when can they request payment up front, what kind of insurance information do they need to collect

2. Before billing claims verify eligibility, making correct to patient demographic information, timely electronic submission of claims, setting up EFT payments for the client, posting and depositing payments daily, billing secondary claims within 24 hours of payment by the primary payer, invoices patients for their responsibility offering verbal payments, electronic payments or payment arrangement by each company policy.  

3. If claims are not paid within the expected time we contact the payer - find out if they need anything further to get the bill paid.  

Lack of attention during any phase of the cycle does not allow maximization of profits and leads to an elevated amount of outstanding receivables and unnecessary  bad debt write-offs. In-house billing staff usually have many duties in addition to billing which doesn't allow them to focus exclusively on every phase of the billing cycle.

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